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Worlds End South Africa
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Globetrot and Polyglot Youtube

A Podcast for Global Education

The podcast explores various books, texts, and ideas about education, the global economy, travel, language and etymology, and culture.

Various methods of storytelling, narrative, interviews, and reflections on current events are used to convey a perspective of education.

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My Global Classroom

My Global Classroom helps connect students and classrooms around the world for collaborating on 21st-century skills and community-based learning projects.

Stellenbosch Cape Town South Africa
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U.S. Africa Institute

The U.S. Africa Institute is a non-profit focused on supporting African immigrants, the African diaspora throughout the United States, and African refugees to have equal rights and opportunities to advance themselves and their quality of life.  

USAI is working on building partnerships between educational institutions in the United States and Africa.  Whether K-12 or Higher Education, the focus is on building and strengthening opportunities for African youth to prepare for college and career in competitive ways.  Current projects include the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia American Spaces education projects, diplomacy projects in Sudan and Uganda, partnerships between HBCUs and African Universities, and more.

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Life Builders International: Nigeria

Life Builders is a locally grown and operated organization aimed at solving the issues associated with poverty that lead to children becoming orphans and women becoming widows in Nigeria.  

Through a three-pronged approach, such as education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship, Life Builders cares for widows and orphans through sponsorships and donations, which support the development of new schools and hospitals and small business loans.

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